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1. Sampling for objective yields of apples and peaches, Virginia, 1967-68 (id:27962)


2. Experiment station work, XLIV : distributing manure and fertilizers, cooking cereal foods, silage making, winter killing of peach buds, horse-feeding tests, color of apples, supplements to corn for hogs, ringing herbaceous plants, tankage for hogs following cattle, potato scab, gas injury to trees, hoppers for poultry feeding, the tuna or prickly pear (id:ORC00000111)


3. Commercial apple orcharding (id:IND43621099)


4. Experiment station work, VI : fraud in fertilizers, American clover seed, sugar-beet industry, mushrooms as food, seeding grass land, pigs in stubble fields, grafting apple trees, ensiling potatoes, forest fires, anthrax (id:ORC00000027)


5. Experiment station work, IV : pure water, thinning fruit, loss of soil fertility, use of low-grade apples, availability of fertilizers, cooking vegetables, seed selection, condimental feeding stuffs, Jerusalem artichokes, steer and heifer beef, Kafir corn, swells in canned vegetables (id:ORC00000002)