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601. Experiment station work, VII : home-mixed fertilizers, forcing asparagus in the field, field selection of seed, potatoes as food for man, corn stover as a feeding stuff, feeding value of sugar beets, salt-marsh hay, forage crops for pigs, ground grain for chicks, skim milk for young chickens, by-products of the dairy, strip per butter, curd test in cheese making, gape disease of chickens (id:ORC00000159)


602. A report upon the forage plants and forage resources of the gulf states (id:5420543)


603. Experiment station work, III : flax culture, crimson clover, forcing lettuce, heating greenhouses, corn smut, millet disease of horses, tuberculosis, pasteurized cream, kitchen and table wastes, use of fertilizers (id:ORC00000158)


604. Experiment station work, VI : fraud in fertilizers, American clover seed, sugar-beet industry, mushrooms as food, seeding grass land, pigs in stubble fields, grafting apple trees, ensiling potatoes, forest fires, anthrax (id:ORC00000027)


605. Experiment station work, I : good vs. poor cows, corn vs. wheat, much vs. little protein, forage crops for pigs, Robertson silage mixture, alfafa, proportion of grain to straw, phosphates as fertilizers, harmful effects of muriate of potash, studies in irrigation, potato scab, barnyard manure (id:ORC00000022)


606. AgDiscovery (id:7195744)