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1. The control of root-knot (id:ORC00000005)

2. Insect control in California (id:IND23339524)

4. The black rot of the cabbage (id:ORC00000025)

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12. The San Jose scale and its control (id:ORC00000225)

15. The bollworm or corn earworm (id:ORC00000273)

18. Bean and pea weevils (id:ORC00000541)

25. Control of the onion thrips (id:ORC00000276)

28. The bean ladybird and its control (id:ORC00000346)

32. How insects affect the rice crop (id:ORC00000305)

34. Community bird refuges (id:ORC00000419)

35. Corn earworm as an enemy of vetch (id:ORC00000297)

40. The more important apple insects (id:ORC00000408)

41. Quackgrass (id:ORC00000413)

47. Mouse control in field and orchard (id:ORC00000417)

48. Why potatoes run out (id:ORC00000499)

49. Homes for birds (id:ORC00000362)

50. Strawberry diseases (id:ORC00000513)