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1. Alsike clover (id:ORC00000325)

2. Angoumois grain moth (id:ORC00000327)

6. Banana Root-Borer (id:IND43966221)

9. California oak worm (id:ORC00000356)

11. Carpet grass (id:5420598)

12. Caryocar nuciferum: Souari Nut (id:POM00007276)

13. Castrating and docking lambs (id:5420585)

16. Citrus limon (id:POM00006865)

17. Citrus limon (id:POM00006885)

18. Citrus paradisi (id:POM00006608)

19. Citrus paradisi (id:POM00006623)

20. Citrus paradisi (id:POM00000334)