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3. Anaplasmosis of Cattle (id:IND43894677)

4. Anthrax (id:IND43894666)

5. Antibiotics (id:IND43894770)

6. Atrophic Rhinitis in Swine (id:IND43894699)

7. Avian Lymphomatosis (id:IND43894734)

10. Biting Gnats (id:IND43894656)

12. Blackleg (id:IND43894675)

14. Bloat in Ruminants (id:IND43894642)

15. Blue Comb (id:IND43894732)

16. Bluetongue of Sheep (id:IND43894717)

17. Bovine Coccidiosis (id:IND43894689)

18. Bovine Mastitis (id:IND43894671)

21. Breeding perennial forage grasses (id:CAT87201244)

22. Bunker silos (id:CAT87210873)

24. Cattle Grubs (id:IND43894685)

25. Cattle Lice (id:IND43894686)

26. Cattle Scabies (id:IND43894683)

27. Cattle Tick Fever (id:IND43894687)

28. Causes of Disease (id:IND43894681)

37. Cooking white rice (id:5804390)

38. Cooking with dried egg (id:CAT87213839)

39. Cornmeal in family meals (id:7262418)

44. Diseases of Baby Pigs (id:IND43894705)

46. Diseases of Ducks (id:IND43894744)

49. Disinfection (id:IND43894772)