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1. Cutworms and their control in corn and other cereal crops (id:ORC00000287)


2. Experiment station work, LXVII : screening cabbage seed beds, experiments in beef production, spraying apple orchards, preparation of choice hams, new type of spray nozzle, factors affecting fat in cream, preparation of corn for hogs (id:ORC00000179)


3. Experiment station work, LXX : compiled from the publications of the agricultural experiment stations : improvement of sandy soils, utilization of roughage, alfalfa and corn for lambs, feeding alfalfa hay to swine, cooperative herd testing, cooperative cattle breeding, losses due to low-grade cream, disposing of waste dips, care of farm machinery (id:ORC00000136)


4. Experiment station work, XLIV : distributing manure and fertilizers, cooking cereal foods, silage making, winter killing of peach buds, horse-feeding tests, color of apples, supplements to corn for hogs, ringing herbaceous plants, tankage for hogs following cattle, potato scab, gas injury to trees, hoppers for poultry feeding, the tuna or prickly pear (id:ORC00000111)


5. Experiment station work, XLII : Extension of rice culture, laxative properties of wheat bran, growing seed potatoes under mulch, emmer as a feeding stuff, manure as a summer mulch in forcing houses, roots for farm animals, cabbage as stock feed, renewal of old orchards, pasturing hogs, injury by Bordeaux mixture, cull beans as a feed for hogs, gluten flours and similar foods, healthy poultry (id:ORC00000103)


6. Experiment station work, XXXIV : American sugar-beet seed, indoor versus outdoor feeding of steers, stimulants for seeds, profits from spraying potatoes, roughage for steers, winter-injured fruit trees, cheap dairy rations, durum wheat, cotton-seed meal for hogs, fertility of eggs (id:ORC00000082)


8. Experiment station work, VI : fraud in fertilizers, American clover seed, sugar-beet industry, mushrooms as food, seeding grass land, pigs in stubble fields, grafting apple trees, ensiling potatoes, forest fires, anthrax (id:ORC00000027)