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1. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria and legumes (id:34258)


2. Green manuring (id:ORC00000367)


3. Farm practices that increase crop yields: the Gulf Coast region (id:ORC00000540)


4. Experiment station work, LXXI : compiled from the publications of the agricultural experiment stations : improved varieties of timothy, hardy alfalfa, harvesting soy beans, soy beans for silage, fat milk of cows at time of calving, clean cream (id:ORC00000135)


5. Experiment station work, XLVI : fish fertilizer, anesthetics in forcing plants, reclamation of salt marshes, fattening cattle for market, bermuda hay cotton-seed meal and corn silage for cows, protein content of forage crops, quality in wheat, carbonated milk, potato spraying, preservation of fence posts (id:ORC00000113)


6. Beans (id:ORC00000187)


7. Experiment station work, XXXIII : handling seed corn, food value of cottage cheese, rice, peas, and bacon, adaptation of seed corn, effect of root nodules on composition of crops, methods of feeding poultry, extermination of cattle ticks, cooking quality of potatoes, covered yards for cows (id:ORC00000078)


8. Beneficial bacteria for leguminous crops (id:ORC00000062)