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1. Homes for birds (id:ORC00000362)


2. Experiment station work, LXIX : top-dressing pastures, exhibition contests of dairy products, making hay, a fresh-air brooder, blind staggers of horses, roosting closet for poultry, white and color washes (id:ORC00000190)


3. Experiment station work, XLI : wells and pure water, pickling olives and mock olives, phosphates and soil acidity, hay box or fireless cooker, pure seed v. poor seed, insect enemies of shade trees, disease-resistant clover, feeding whole grain, eradication of wild mustard, improvement of cattle, sterilization of soils for preventing plant diseases, ventilation of stables, hog cots, seedless tomatoes, preserving eggs, American camembert cheese (id:ORC00000101)


4. Experiment station work, XXXIII : handling seed corn, food value of cottage cheese, rice, peas, and bacon, adaptation of seed corn, effect of root nodules on composition of crops, methods of feeding poultry, extermination of cattle ticks, cooking quality of potatoes, covered yards for cows (id:ORC00000078)


5. Experiment station work, XXXVIII : loss of nitrogen from soils, treatment of calf scours, manure as affected by food, preserving eggs, continuous corn culture, wheat bran, pasturing wheat, testing individual cows, storage of sweet potatoes, clean milk, rotting of potatoes in storage, cleanliness in the dairy, hog cots, grading cream, the disinfection of stables, paraffin in dairying, the effect of horsetail weeds on horses (id:ORC00000091)


6. Experiment station work, XXX : top-dressing grass land, cranberry culture, extension of corn growing, lime-sulphur-salt wash, peanuts for forage, destroying prairie dogs, winterkilling of fruit trees, clean milk, poultry houses / prepared in the Office of Experiment Stations (id:ORC00000070)


7. Experiment station work, XXIV : cost of eggs in winter, methods of milking, the chicken mite, coating cheese with paraffin, soiling crops, the octagonal silo, profitable and unprofitable cows, ventilation of stables, disposal of diseased carcasses (id:ORC00000054)


8. Experiment station work, XX : muck or peat, fertilizers for strawberries, culture of potatoes, plum culture, the farmer's vegetable garden, onion culture, shrinkage of farm products, digestibility of milk, muskmelons, shelter for dairy cows, soils for strawberries, feed mills and wind mills (id:ORC00000044)


9. Experiment station work, XIX : maintenance of soil fertility, condimental and medicinal cattle and poultry foods, Thomas slag, rotation of crops, feeding rice meal to pigs, gardening under glass, dressing and packing poultry, winter irrigation of orchards, the curing of cheese, improvement of American grapes, an improved cow stall (id:ORC00000043)