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403. Muskmelons (id:ORC00000361)

404. Poultry keeping in back yards (id:5421241)

406. Rammed earth walls for buildings (id:ORC00000481)

412. Farmstead water supply (id:ORC00000360)

416. Homes for birds (id:ORC00000362)

417. Strawberry diseases (id:ORC00000513)

418. Swine production (id:5421126)

419. Clover failure (id:5420667)

423. Udder diseases of dairy cows (id:5420644)

424. Why potatoes run out (id:ORC00000499)

430. Control of potato-tuber diseases (id:ORC00000442)

432. Herbaceous perennials (id:ORC00000398)

433. Marketing poultry (id:5420640)

434. The Mexican bean beetle in the East (id:ORC00000399)

435. Mouse control in field and orchard (id:ORC00000417)

436. Poultry accounts (id:5420616)

441. The club wheats (id:ORC00000410)

442. Apple scald and its control (id:ORC00000395)

443. Beef-cattle barns (id:5420615)

445. Brahman (Zebu) cattle (id:5420509)

446. Breaking and training colts (id:5420610)

447. Cleaning milking machines (id:5420650)

448. Dairy barn construction (id:5420577)

451. Mule production (id:5420608)

452. Polish and poulard wheats (id:ORC00000312)

453. Quackgrass (id:ORC00000413)

457. The boll-weevil problem (id:35023)

459. The durum wheats (id:ORC00000411)

460. The wheat strawworm and its control (id:ORC00000416)

461. Apple-orchard renovation (id:34649)

466. Stored-grain pests (id:ORC00000404)

467. The border method of irrigation (id:ORC00000369)

468. The hard red spring wheats (id:ORC00000473)

474. Diseases of watermelons (id:ORC00000479)

476. Green manuring (id:ORC00000367)

478. Important cultivated grasses (id:ORC00000415)

482. The chinch bug and its control (id:ORC00000309)

483. The common white wheats (id:ORC00000409)

484. The hard red winter wheats (id:ORC00000475)

485. The more important apple insects (id:ORC00000408)

487. The soft red winter wheats (id:ORC00000412)

489. Farm dairy houses (id:5420576)

490. Pineapple culture in Florida (id:ORC00000424)

491. Potato production in the South (id:ORC00000296)

492. Swarm control (id:5420591)

493. Tuberculosis of fowls (id:5420593)

494. Wheat scab and its control (id:ORC00000310)

497. Community bird refuges (id:ORC00000419)

498. Corn earworm as an enemy of vetch (id:ORC00000297)

499. Cotton diseases and their control (id:ORC00000292)

500. Diseases of sheep (id:5420584)