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3. Actinomycosis, or lumpy jaw (id:5420871)

4. Actinomycosis, or lumpy jaw (id:5421114)

10. Agrostological notes (id:5420842)

11. Agrostological notes (id:5420834)

14. Alfalfa growing (id:5420678)

15. Alfalfa seed production (id:ORC00000182)

16. Alfalfa, or lucern (id:ORC00000438)

17. Alsike clover (id:ORC00000325)

20. American grasses (id:5420553)

21. American grasses (id:5421245)

22. American grasses (id:5421246)

23. American grasses (id:5421247)

24. American grasses (id:5421248)

25. American grasses (id:5421250)

26. American grasses (id:5421249)

29. The Angora goat (id:5420663)

30. Angoumois grain moth (id:ORC00000327)

43. Apple blotch (id:ORC00000433)

44. Apple scab (id:ORC00000432)

45. Apple scald and its control (id:ORC00000395)

47. Apple-orchard renovation (id:34649)

51. Baby beef (id:5420881)

53. Bacterial wilt of corn (id:CAT86200356)

54. Bacterial wilt of corn (id:ORC00000422)

55. Baling hay (id:5420769)

57. Barley : growing the crop (id:5420708)

59. Barnyard manure (id:ORC00000018)

60. Barnyard manure (id:5421232)

62. Basket willow culture (id:ORC00000263)

63. Bean and pea weevils (id:ORC00000541)

64. Bean diseases and their control (id:ORC00000448)

65. Beans (id:ORC00000187)

66. Bee keeping (id:ORC00000023)

70. Beef production in Alabama (id:5420570)

71. Beef production in the South (id:5420717)

73. Beef-cattle barns (id:5420615)

81. Bermuda grass (id:5420838)

82. Bermuda grass (id:5420740)

83. Better grain-sorghum crops (id:ORC00000173)

94. Birdsfoot trefoil and big trefoil (id:CAT87215465)

95. Black quarter (id:5421113)

96. Blackberry culture (id:ORC00000254)