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206. Control of the onion thrips (id:ORC00000276)

208. Controlling Canada thistles (id:ORC00000381)

215. Cooperative bull associations (id:5421129)

218. Cooperative marketing (id:5420583)

220. Corn earworm as an enemy of vetch (id:ORC00000297)

225. Cotton diseases and their control (id:ORC00000292)

228. Cotton seed and its products (id:ORC00000166)

229. Cotton wilt (id:ORC00000117)

230. Cotton wilt and root-knot (id:ORC00000288)

232. Country hides and skins (id:5420602)

233. Cover crops for soil conservation (id:ORC00000515)

234. Cow-testing associations (id:5420784)

236. Cowpeas (id:5421262)

237. Cowpeas : (Vigna catjang) (id:5420977)

238. Cowpeas : (Vigna catjang) (id:5420979)

239. Cowpeas : culture and varieties (id:ORC00000324)

240. Cowpeas : utilization (id:5420587)

242. Cranberry diseases and their control (id:ORC00000357)

243. Crimson clover (id:5421008)

244. Crimson clover : growing the crop (id:ORC00000379)

245. Crimson clover : seed production (id:ORC00000253)

246. Crimson clover : utilization (id:ORC00000191)

249. Crop systems for Arkansas (id:ORC00000533)

255. Cucumbers (id:ORC00000161)

256. Culling for eggs and market (id:5420512)

260. Culture and pests of field peas (id:ORC00000532)

264. Currants and gooseberries (id:ORC00000386)

266. Dairy barn construction (id:5420577)

267. Dairy cattle judging (id:5420492)

268. Dairy farming for beginners (id:5420655)

271. Dairy schools (id:5421089)

272. Dairying in California (id:5421304)

273. Dairying in the South (id:5421228)

279. Designs for dairy buildings (id:5420908)

283. Dewberry culture (id:ORC00000339)

299. Diseases of Southern pecans (id:ORC00000335)

300. Diseases of apples in storage (id:ORC00000328)