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1. Experiment station work, L : commercial clover seed, coagulation of milk in cheese making, dodder in alfalfa seed, growing potatoes under straw, effect of alkali on cement structures, hens versus incubators, silo construction, preparing fowls for market, a cheap and effective sterilizer, preservation of eggs, a cheap and efficient ice box, the mound-building prairie ant, the power laundry for the farm (id:ORC00000123)


2. Experiment station work, LI : distance between corn hills, vetch hay and vetch silage for cows, the bursting of carnations, street trees, digestability of kale, spraying for weeds, hulled corn, market classes and grades of sheep, mixing fat into dough (id:ORC00000124)


3. Experiment station work, LII : treatment of muck soils, effect of machine milking on cows, manures for timothy hay, corn breeding, milk supply of cities, yellow berry in wheat, the crow, weed seeds in feeding stuffs, labor, wages and cost of board in Minnesota (id:ORC00000126)


4. Experiment station work, LIII : inoculation and lime for alfalfa, preventing losses at lambing time, citrus culture in southern Texas, winter lambs for the Pacific Coast market, pruning rotundifolia grapes, feeding work horses, native hays of arid region, colony houses for poultry, bermuda grass, food of the crow blackbird, short v. long feeding of beef cattle, flour for baking powder biscuits, contagious abortion of cattle (id:ORC00000127)


5. Experiment station work, LIV : methods and costs of clearing land, gasoline-heated colony brooders, measuring acidity in cheese making and butter making, tobacco improvement work, calf feeding (id:ORC00000134)


6. Experiment station work, XLIX : conservation of soil resources, fig culture in the South, potato breeding, mushroom growing, disk-harrowing alfalfa, preserving wild mushrooms, the Montreal muskmelon, cooking beans and other vegetables, storage of hubbard squash, a model kitchen (id:ORC00000121)