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1. Experiment station work, LIX : tillage v. sod mulch in orchards, blackleg of the Irish potato, ear characters of seed corn, progress in horse breeding, seed disinfection, sweet potatoes (id:ORC00000153)


2. Experiment station work, LV : poultry manure, records at dairy herds, early onions in the Southwest, skim-milk buttermilk, oleander poisoning of live stock, whipped cream, fermented cotton-seed meal for hogs, farm butter making, camembert cheese making, wintering farm work horses, cement and concrete fence posts, alfalfa meal as a feeding stuff, mangels for milch cows (id:ORC00000133)


3. Experiment station work, LVI : incompatibles in fertilizer mixtures, destruction of ellworms in soil, pruning, principles of dry farming, bean anthracnose (id:ORC00000602)


4. Experiment station work, LVII : a perfect stand of corn, fleshing horses for market, protection of seed corn, fertility and hatching of eggs, clover-seed production, marketing of eggs, home-grown feeds for hogs, cement silos (id:ORC00000150)


5. Experiment station work, LVIII : fertilizers for pineapples, the forced molting of fowls, wart disease of the potato, portable panel fence, the typhoid or house fly, pasteurization in butter making, rice and its by-products as feeding stuffs, milling and baking tests with durum wheat (id:ORC00000151)


6. Experiment station work, LX : commercial bean growing, stallion legislation, digestion experiments with range forage crops, tests for casein in milk (id:ORC00000156)