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1. Experiment station work, LXII : water required for crops, market classes and grades of meat, burning lime on the farm, lice on poultry, tomatoes for canning, Neufchatel cheese, lime sulphur as a fungicide (id:ORC00000488)


2. Experiment station work, LXIII : Sterilizing tobacco plant beds, clover growing, curing clover hay, the velvet bean, draft horses, care of mares and foals (id:ORC00000298)


3. Experiment station work, LXIV : low-grade fertilizers, the scuppernong, Japanese cane for forage, early spring lambs, fighting the boll weevil, production of sanitary milk, hastening maturity of cotton with fertilizers, lacto: a frozen dairy product, a reinforced brick silo (id:ORC00000171)


4. Experiment station work, LXV : cost of available nitrogen, storage for root crops, management of marsh soils, danger in feeding root crops, weeder harrow for dry farms, sanitary care of swine, v-shaped cotton-stalk cutter, individuality of the cow, hatching and rearing turkeys (id:ORC00000160)


5. Experiment station work, LXVI : lawns, cost of market milk, fertilizing asparagus, propagation of starters, turnips for sheep, the plastered silo, loss of lambs (id:ORC00000178)