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7. Anacardium occidentale (id:POM00000134)

21. Button clover (id:ORC00000338)

24. Castration of young pigs (id:5420732)

28. Citrullus lanatus: Tom Watson (id:POM00007419)

29. Citrullus lanatus: Tom Watson (id:POM00007420)

30. Citrus Canker (id:IND43965595)

31. Citrus aurantiifolia (id:POM00006872)

32. Citrus aurantiifolia: Key (id:POM00006358)

33. Citrus limon (id:POM00006410)

34. Citrus limon (id:POM00006800)

35. Citrus limon (id:POM00006409)

36. Citrus limon: Etrog (id:POM00001017)

37. Citrus limon: Etrog (id:POM00007575)

38. Citrus paradisi (id:POM00006547)

39. Citrus paradisi (id:POM00006729)

40. Citrus paradisi (id:POM00006546)

41. Citrus paradisi: Davis Seedless (id:POM00006636)

42. Citrus paradisi: Davis Seedless (id:POM00006637)

43. Citrus paradisi: Marsh Seedless (id:POM00006642)

44. Citrus paradisi: Marsh Seedless (id:POM00006641)

45. Citrus paradisi: Marsh Seedless (id:POM00006644)

46. Citrus paradisi: Marsh Seedless (id:POM00006645)

47. Citrus paradisi: Patardia (id:POM00006700)

48. Citrus paradisi: Patardia (id:POM00006702)

49. Citrus paradisi: Patardia (id:POM00006703)

50. Citrus paradisi: Silver Cluster (id:POM00001101)