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1. H.R.778 : A Bill to Establish, with Respect to Any Grant or Research Protocol of the National Institutes of Health, a Restriction That Any Person Obtaining or Using for Any Research Purpose Any Animal Acquired from Any Animal Shelter Shall Not Be Eligible to Receive Any Such Grant or Research Protocol (id:5250749)


2. A Bill to Prevent Federal Funds Received under Any Grant from the National Institutes of Health From Being Used to Obtain Animals from Animal Shelters for Research Purposes : H.R.487 (id:5250746)


3. Evaluation of the nutrition assistance program in Puerto Rico (id:60894)


4. A Bill to Promote the Development of Nonanimal Methods of Research, Experimentation, and Testing, and to Assure Humane Care of Animals Used in Scientific Research, Experimentation, and Testing, H.R.6928 (id:5250748)


5. H.R.282 : A Bill to Promote the Development of Methods of Research, Experimentation, and Testing That Minimize the Use of, and Pain and Suffering to, Live Animals (id:5250745)


6. Public law 89-669 : 89th Congress, H.R. 9424, October 15, 1966 : an act (id:CAT31031460)


7. Humane slaughter : Hearings before the Subcommittee on Livestock and Feed Grains, on H.R. 176 [and others] April 2 and 12, 1957 (id:CAT11101929)