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5. The control of root-knot (id:ORC00000005)

24. Barnyard manure (id:ORC00000018)

25. Fertilizers for cotton (id:ORC00000014)

26. Forage plants for the South (id:ORC00000017)

27. Hog cholera and swine plague (id:5421255)

41. Silos and silage (id:5421256)

42. Sweet potatoes : culture and uses (id:ORC00000019)

43. The feeding of farm animals (id:5421102)

44. A nodular taeniasis in fowls (id:5421109)

45. Actinomycosis, or lumpy jaw (id:5421114)

46. Black quarter (id:5421113)

55. Cotton seed and its products (id:ORC00000166)

56. Dairy schools (id:5421089)

57. Dairying in California (id:5421304)

59. Facts about milk (id:5420490)

61. Fowls : care and feeding (id:5421257)

62. How to select good cheese (id:5421118)

64. Irrigation in humid climates (id:ORC00000167)

67. Potato culture (id:ORC00000165)

68. Saltbushes (id:5420968)

72. Tapeworms of poultry (id:5421271)

73. Tuberculosis investigations (id:5421305)

77. American grasses (id:5421249)

78. Bee keeping (id:ORC00000023)

79. Buttermaking on the farm (id:5421260)

80. Cowpeas : (Vigna catjang) (id:5420977)

89. How to grow mushrooms (id:ORC00000021)

97. Studies on American grasses (id:5420534)

98. Studies on American grasses (id:5420554)