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1. Analysis of hauling charges and producer milk by location and size-range of production : Pacific Northwest and western federal orders : May 2001 (with comparison to May of previous years) (id:38351)


2. How to direct-market farm products on the Internet (id:38471)


3. Mexico's changing marketing system for fresh produce : emerging markets, practices, trends, and issues (id:47449)


4. Shedding light on the grademark : USDA AA grade : your assurance of egg-xact quality (id:38466)


5. U.S. farmers markets, 2000 : a study of emerging trends (id:47332)


6. A study of the dairy forward pricing pilot program and its effect on prices paid producers for milk : prepared for Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry and House Committee on Agriculture (id:38467)