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Simultaneous determination of mequindox, quinocetone, and their major metabolites in chicken and pork by UPLC-MS/MS

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This report presents a UPLC–MS/MS method for determination of mequindox (MEQ), quinocetone (QCT) and their 11 metabolites in chicken and pork samples. Following extraction process with acetonitrile–ethyl acetate, acidulation, and re-extraction with ethyl acetate in turn, target analytes were further purified using C18 solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges for UPLC–MS/MS analysis. Validation was processed with mean recoveries from 69.1% to 113.3% with intra-day relative standard deviation (RSD) <14.7%, inter-day RSD <19.2%, and limit of detection between 0.05 and 1.0 μg/kg for each analytes. The verified method was successfully applied to the quantitative determination of commercial samples. This developed procedure will help to control food animal products with MEQ and QCT residues, and facilitate further pharmacokinetic and residue studies of similar quinoxaline-1,4-dioxide veterinary drugs.
Yanshen Li , Kaili Liu , Ross C. Beier , Xingyuan Cao , Jianzhong Shen , Suxia Zhang
acetates , antibiotic residues , antibiotics , chickens , detection limit , food animals , food safety , mass spectrometry , metabolites , pork , quantitative analysis , solid phase extraction , ultra-performance liquid chromatography , veterinary drugs
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Food chemistry 2014 v.160
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