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Molecular characterization and expression analysis of soluble trehalase gene in Aphis glycines, a migratory pest of soybean

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Trehalase catalyzes the hydrolysis of trehalose, a disaccharide sugar into two glucose molecules. In insects, trehalase plays a crucial role in energy metabolism as well as chitin synthesis. There is no report on the characterization of trehalase gene in aphids which are serious pests of various agricultural crops. We have characterized a soluble trehalase gene (Tre-1) from cDNA of Aphis glycines, a serious migratory pest of soybean. The full-length cDNA of Tre-1 in A. glycines (AyTre-1) was 2550bp long with an open reading frame of 1770 bp that encoded for a 589 amino acid residues protein. The deduced amino acid sequence of AyTre-1 contained typical catalytic residues as well as both of the signature sequences present in soluble trehalases of insects. Real-time PCR analysis revealed ~2X increase in expression of AyTre-1 in the alate morphs of A. glycines, as compared to that observed in apterate morphs. Expression analysis of AyTre-1 in A. glycines nymphs fed with resistant and susceptible plants revealed no differences. Tissue expression analysis revealed peak mRNA levels of AyTre-1 in gut of A. glycines and moderate in the other tissues assayed. Similarly, expression analysis in different developmental stages of A. glycines revealed that AyTre-1 was expressed in all stages but had the highest expression in second instar stage. Results obtained in the current study indicated a major role for soluble trehalase during flight activity of A. glycines. Further, the characterization of soluble trehalase gene provides a platform for novel strategies to manage A. glycines in field using trehalase inhibitors and using RNAi for knock-down of AyTre-1 expression.
Raman Bansal , M. A. Rouf Mian , Omprakash Mittapalli , Andy P. Michel
Aphis glycines , RNA interference , amino acid sequences , amino acids , biosynthesis , catalytic activity , chitin , complementary DNA , crops , digestive system , energy metabolism , enzyme inhibitors , flight , gene expression , genes , glucose , hydrolysis , insects , instars , messenger RNA , migratory behavior , morphs , nymphs , open reading frames , plant pests , proteins , quantitative polymerase chain reaction , soybeans , trehalase , trehalose
Bulletin of entomological research 2013 v.103
Journal Articles, USDA Authors, Peer-Reviewed
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