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Effect of supplementation of prebiotic mannan-oligosaccharides and probiotic mixture on growth performance of broilers subjected to chronic heat stress

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The present study was aimed at elucidating the effects of supplementing mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) and probiotic mixture (PM) on growth performance, intestinal histology, and corticosterone concentrations in broilers kept under chronic heat stress (HS). Four hundred fifty 1-d-old chicks were divided into 5 treatment groups and fed a corn-soybean diet ad-libitum. The temperature control (CONT) group was held at the normal ambient temperature. Heat stress broilers were held at 35 ± 2°C from d 1 until the termination of the study at d 42. Heat stress groups consisted of HS-CONT fed the basal diet; HSMOS fed the basal diet containing 0.5% MOS; HS-PM fed the basal diet containing 0.1% PM; and HS-SYN (synbiotic) fed 0.5% MOS and 0.1% PM in the basal diet. Broilers were examined at d 21 and 42 for BW gain, feed consumption, feed conversion ratio (FCR), serum corticosterone concentrations, and ileal microarchitecture. The results revealed that the CONT group had higher (P < 0.01) feed consumption, BW gain, and lower FCR on d 21 and 42, compared with the HS-CONT group. Among supplemented groups, the HS-MOS had higher (P < 0.05) BW gain and lower FCR compared with the HS-CONT group. On d 21 and 42, the HS-CONT group had higher (P < 0.05) serum corticosterone concentrations compared with the CONT and supplemented groups. The CONT group had higher (P < 0.05) villus height, width, surface area, and crypt depth compared with the HS-CONT group. On d 21, the HS-PM had higher (P < 0.05) villus width and surface area compared with HS-CONT group. On d 42, the HS-SYN had higher (P < 0.05) villus width and crypt depth compared with the HS-CONT group. These results showed that chronic HS reduces broiler production performance, intestinal microarchitecture, and increases adrenal hormone concentrations. Also, supplementation of the MOS prebiotic and the PM can partially lessen these changes.
M. U. Sohail , M. E. Hume , J. A. Byrd , D. J. Nisbet , A. Ijaz , H. Rehman
ambient temperature , broiler chickens , broiler feeding , chicks , corn , corticosterone , feed conversion , feed intake , feed supplements , growth performance , heat stress , histology , ileum , liveweight gain , mannans , oligosaccharides , prebiotics , probiotics , soybeans , surface area , villi
Poultry science 2012 8 27 v.91
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