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Solanum stipuloideum Rusby, the Correct Name for Solanum circaeifolium Bitter

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Solanum L. section Petota Dumort., which includes the cultivated potato (S. tuberosum L.) and its wild relatives, has been the subject of intensive taxonomic research in the last 25 years. The last comprehensive taxonomic treatment by Hawkes in 1990 recognized seven cultivated and 225 wild species, yet the latest estimate is four cultivated and about 100 wild species. These changes have all involved synonymy of preexisting names, but our intensive nomenclatural research in the mega-diverse Solanum (1000+ species) revealed a name, Solanum stipuloideum Rusby, that has never been recognized as belonging to a potato and that is the earlier valid name for the species long known as Solanum circaeifolium Bitter. Because this latter name is frequently used in the literature we here present a taxonomic treatment of S. stipuloideum with complete synonymy in order to clarify nomenclature and species circumscription for this common species; this study also highlights the value of genus-wide taxonomic treatments.
D. M. Spooner , S. Knapp
Solanum circaeifolium , Solanum tuberosum , plant taxonomy , potatoes , taxonomic revisions , wild relatives
American journal of potato research 2013 v.90
Journal Articles, USDA Authors, Peer-Reviewed
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