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The Contribution of Private Industry to Agricultural Innovation

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Most of the increase in global agricultural production over the past half-century has come from raising crop and livestock yields rather than through area expansion. This growth in productivity is attributed largely to public and private investments in research and development (R&D). However, there is little quantitative evidence of private R&D’s contribution to agricultural productivity. Our understanding of how different factors may induce or hinder incentives for private R&D—like government investments in public research and policies concerning intellectual property (IP), taxes, and regulations—is limited by the lack of data. To fill this data gap, we surveyed global agricultural R&D investment by industries supplying inputs to agriculture, as well as R&D in biofuel and food manufacturing. We present some results of this survey and preliminary analysis of causes and implications of the observed growth in private R&D during 1994-2010.
Keith Fuglie , Paul Heisey , John King , Carl E. Pray , David Schimmelpfennig
agricultural research , crop yield , economic investment , food industry , inputs , livestock production , new technology , private research , public policy , research and development , research support , surveys , taxes
Science 2012 11 23 v.338
Journal Articles, USDA Authors, Peer-Reviewed
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