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Identification of Volatile/Semivolatile Products Derived from Chemical Remediation of cis-1,3-Dichloropropene by Thiosulfate

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The prevalent use of soil fumigants has resulted in air pollution in some agricultural regions. Our previous research showed that application of thiosulfate fertilizers at the soil surface may offer an effective and economical approach to reduce the emission of halogenated fumigants via a chemical remediation process. In this fumigant emission-reduction strategy, volatile 1,3-dichloropropene (1,3-D) reacts with thiosulfate to generate a nonvolatile Bunte salt (thiosulfate derivative of 1,3-D). However, the decomposition of the Bunte salt may be associated with the production of perceptible odors. This study investigated the stability of this reaction product in different environmental media. Hydrolysis experiments demonstrated that the thiosulfate derivative was relatively stable in neutral and moderately acidic aqueous solutions. In contrast, the thiosulfate derivative was readily converted to a dialkyl disulfide via a base hydrolysis process in pH 10 buffer solution. In a strongly acidic solution, a mercaptan and a dialkyl disulfide compound were detected as two primary hydrolysis products. In soil, this initial reaction product underwent a series of biotic conversions to generate several volatile or semivolatile organic sulfur compounds. The formation and distribution of four volatile/semivolatile products in the air and soil were detected in different soils treated with the thiosulfate derivative of 1,3-D. This study indicated that odors occurring in soil treated with halogenated fumigants and thiosulfate fertilizers might arise from the generation and release of these and other volatile/semivolatile organic sulfur products. The environmental fate and effects of such volatile/semivolatile sulfur compounds should be considered in the application of sulfur-containing fertilizers in fumigated fields.
Zheng, Wei , Gan, Jay , Papiernik, Sharon K. , Yates, Scott R.
soil fumigation , fumigants , thiosulfates , sulfur fertilizers , pollution control , gas emissions , volatile compounds , 1,3-dichloropropene , chemical reactions , hydrolysis , aqueous solutions , pH , soil chemical properties , environmental fate
p. 6454-6459.
Includes references
Environmental science & technology 2007 Sept. 15, v. 41, no. 18
Journal Articles, USDA Authors, Peer-Reviewed
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