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A region of barley chromosome 6H harbors multiple major genes associated with net type net blotch resistance

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Net type net blotch (NTNB), caused by Pyrenophora teres f. teres Drechs., is prevalent in barley growing regions worldwide. A population of 118 doubled haploid (DH) lines developed from a cross between barley cultivars 'Rika' and 'Kombar' were used to evaluate resistance to NTNB due to their differential reaction to various isolates of P. teres f. teres. Rika was resistant to P. teres f. teres isolate 15A and susceptible to isolate 6A. Conversely, Kombar was resistant to 6A, but susceptible to 15A. A progeny isolate of a 15A x 6A cross identified as 15A x 6A#4 was virulent on both parental lines. The Rika/Kombar (RK) DH population was evaluated for disease reactions to the three isolates. Isolate 15A induced a resistant:susceptible ratio of 78:40 (R:S) whereas isolate 6A induced a resistant:susceptible ratio of 40:78. All but two lines had opposite disease reactions indicating two major resistance genes linked in repulsion. Progeny isolate 15A x 6A#4 showed a resistant:susceptible ratio of 1:117 with the one resistant line also being the single line that was resistant to both 15A and 6A. An RK F₂ population segregated in a 1:3 (R:S) ratio for both 15A and 6A indicating that resistance is recessive. Molecular markers were used to identify a region on chromosome 6H that harbors the two NTNB resistance genes. This work shows that multiple NTNB resistance genes exist at the locus on chromosome 6H, and the recombinant DH line harboring the resistance alleles from both parents will be useful for the development of NTNB-resistant barley germplasm.
Abu Qamar, M. , Liu, Z.H. , Faris, J.D. , Chao, S. , Edwards, M.C. , Lai, Z. , Franckowiak, J.D. , Friesen, T.L.
Hordeum vulgare , barley , chromosome mapping , disease resistance , fungal diseases of plants , Pyrenophora teres
p. 1261-1270.
Includes references
Theoretical and applied genetics TAG 2008 Nov., v. 117, no. 8
Berlin/Heidelberg : Springer-Verlag
Journal Articles, USDA Authors, Peer-Reviewed
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