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Interactive effects of inorganic phosphate nutrition and carbon dioxide enrichment on assimilate partitioning in barley roots

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The combined effects of inorganic phosphate (Pi) insufficiency and CO2 enrichment on metabolite levels and carbon partitioning were studied using roots of 9-, 13- and 17-day-old barley seedlings (Hordeum vulgare L. cv. Brant). Plants were grown from seed in controlled environment chambers providing 36 ± 1 Pa (ambient) or 100 ± 2 Pa (elevated) CO2 and either 1.0 mM (Pi sufficient) or 0.05 mM (Pi insufficient) Pi. When values were combined for both Pi treatments, plants grown under enhanced CO2 showed increased root dry matter, adenylates (ATP + ADP), glutamine and non- structural carbohydrates other than starch. In contrast with shoots, enhanced CO2 partially reversed the inhibition of root dry matter formation imposed by Pi insufficiency. The Pi-insufficient treatment also increased sucrose, glucose and fructose levels in barley roots. The Pi and CO2 treatments were additive, so that the highest soluble carbohydrate levels were observed in roots of Pi-insufficient plants from the elevated CO2 treatment. Pi limitation decreased dry matter formation, acid-extractable Pi, nitrate, hexose-phosphates, glutamate, glutamine and acid invertase activity of barley roots in plants grown in both ambient and elevated CO2. Adenylate levels in roots were unaffected by the moderate Pi insufficiency described here. Thus, the reduced hexose-phosphate levels of Pi-insufficient roots were not likely to be the result of low adenylate concentrations. The above results suggest that the capacity of barley roots to utilize carbohydrates from the shoot is inadequate under both Pi-insufficient and CO2-enriched treatments. In addition, the Pi and CO2 treatments used here alter the nitrogen metabolism of barley roots. These findings further emphasize the importance of avoiding nutrient stress during CO2 enrichment experiments.
Sicher, Richard C.
Hordeum vulgare , barley , seedlings , root systems , phosphates , inorganic phosphorus , assimilation (physiology) , carbon dioxide , dry matter partitioning , adenosine monophosphate , adenosine diphosphate , adenosine triphosphate , beta-fructofuranosidase , enzyme activity , enzymatic hydrolysis , sucrose , glutamates , glutamine
p. 219-226.
Includes references
Physiologia plantarum 2005 Feb., v. 123, no. 2
Journal Articles, USDA Authors, Peer-Reviewed
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