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Adult Plant Evaluation of Soybean Accessions for Resistance to Phakopsora pachyrhizi in the Field and Greenhouse in Paraguay

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Five hundred thirty soybean accessions from maturity groups (MG) III through IX were evaluated for resistance to Phakopsora pachyrhizi in a replicated field trial at Centro Regional de Investigación Agrícola in Capitán Miranda, Itapúa, Paraguay during the 2005-06 season. Soybean rust severities of individual accessions ranged from 0% (resistant) to 30.0% (susceptible). In MG III and IV, the most resistant accessions were PI 506863, PI 567341, and PI 567351B, with severities less than 1.2%. In MG V, the most resistant accessions were PI 181456, PI 398288, PI 404134B, and PI 507305, with severities less than 0.3%. In MG VI, the most resistant accessions were PI 587886, PI 587880A, and PI 587880B, with severities less than 0.3%. In MG VII and VIII, the most resistant were PI 587905 and PI 605779E, with severities less than 1.0%. In MG IX, the most resistant accessions were PI 594754, PI 605833, PI 576102B, and PI 567104B, with severities less than 1.0%. The resistance in 10 selected accessions from MG VI, VII, VIII, and XI was confirmed in subsequent greenhouse and field experiments where severities of 0.4% or less and reddish-brown lesions with sporulation levels less than 3.0 were observed. These accessions, with low severities in the adult plant field evaluation, may be new sources of resistance to P. pachyrhizi.
Miles, M.R. , Morel, W. , Ray, J.D. , Smith, J.R. , Frederick, R.D. , Hartman, G.L.
Glycine max , soybeans , Phakopsora pachyrhizi , plant pathogenic fungi , rust diseases , disease resistance , genetic variation , genetic resistance , disease severity , cultivars , genotype , field experimentation , germplasm screening , greenhouse experimentation , sporulation , plant genetic resources , maturity groups , Paraguay
p. 96-105.
Includes references
Plant disease: an international journal of applied plant pathology 2008 Jan., v. 92, no. 1
Journal Articles, USDA Authors, Peer-Reviewed
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