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Tissue and developmental expression of a gene from Hessian fly encoding an ABC-active-transporter protein: Implications for Malpighian tubule function during interactions with wheat

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We report on the transcriptional patterns of a putative white (w) gene encoding an ABC-active-transporter protein during development in Hessian fly, Mayetiola destructor. The deduced amino acid sequence for the Hessian fly white showed 74-77% similarities to white/ATP-binding-cassette proteins and 52-57% similarities to scarlet/ATP-binding-cassette proteins from other dipterans. Conserved ATP-binding motifs and transmembrane α-helix segments were identified in the Hessian fly white protein further supporting its function as an ABC-active-transporter similar to the Drosophila white protein. Spatial analysis of transcript levels for white in larval Hessian fly tissues by quantitative real-time PCR revealed the greatest level of transcript in the Malpighian tubules, while analysis of temporal expression during development revealed the highest transcript levels in late 2nd- and early 3rd-instar larvae. Analysis of transcript levels for white in Hessian fly larvae feeding on susceptible and resistant wheat showed greater levels of the transcript in larvae feeding on resistant plants. We speculate the increased transcript level for white in larvae feeding on resistant wheat could be correlated with stress and increased Malpighian tubule activity associated with the metabolism and detoxification of toxic substrates generated either endogenously or encountered exogenously from the host plant.
Shukle, R.H. , Yoshiyama, M. , Morton, P.K. , Johnson, A.J. , Schemerhorn, B.J.
Mayetiola destructor , insect proteins , ABC transporters , gene expression , transcription (genetics) , tissue distribution , developmental stages , amino acid sequences , sequence homology , Malpighian tubules , Triticum aestivum , wheat , pest resistance , plant-insect relations
p. 146-154.
Includes references
Journal of insect physiology 2008 Jan., v. 54, issue 1
Journal Articles, USDA Authors, Peer-Reviewed
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